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Here are some of my square calendars displayed - with English subtitles and an international layout (5 languages).

Size: 30x30 cm (ca. 12x12 inches) 

EDINBURGH History and urban idyll

Enjoy popular old town impressions

Take a discovery tour of Edinburgh with its many attractions. Experience the charm of the city, monumental buildings, narrow winding alleys and hilly rocky parks. 12 selected photographs guide you through the picturesque Scottish capital.


AMSTERDAM Charming old town

Picturesque cityscapes and typical views

Amsterdam is a city rich in history with unique attractions. It is considered the Venice of the North. Many idyllic canals run through the historic centre. With this calendar you can take a city walk along the many sights. Discover the typical flair, historical buildings and gorgeous evening impressions.

AI Real thrill

Creative view at the modern subject

AI is one of the most important digital topics of the future. Smart homes and self-driving cars are increasingly finding their way into everyday life. Areas such as facial or speech recognition and digitization are already an essential part of the present. The abstract artworks were created in collaboration with artificial intelligence and highlight the topic from a variety of perspectives.

METAVERSE Real thrill

Exploring an area of Web 3.0

Futuristic impressions highlight the next level of the Internet. The Metaverse is a digital alternative to the physical world. Virtual meetings, shopping, gaming, learning, working and much more will become more immersive in the coming years. New dimensions to explore are emerging. The artworks were created with AI and look at the subject from different angles.

CRYPTO Real thrill

Viewing the megatrend from many angles

Explore the innovative blockchain technology with modern abstract collages on topics such as bitcoin halving, seed phrase, cold wallet, hard fork and some popular cryptocurrencies. The futuristic-looking impressions were created in collaboration with artificial intelligence and creatively fine-tuned into the final look by the photo designer.

SEA BREEZE Relaxing coastal moments

Enjoy fascinating calm vistas

This calendar combines unique coastal impressions and dream beaches from the United States, Europe and Australia. Experience the holiday feeling under palm trees in a hammock or with relaxing sea views, inviting sun chairs and a romantic sunrise as well as sunsets. Twelve harmonious photographs present richly varying natural settings.

Lovely impressions from Joshua Tree National Park

Picturesque and unspoiled countryside

Discover a wonderful colourful desert, great moments during sunset, fascinating rock formations and gorgeous views of the diverse landscapes. Get this calendar with 12 fantastic images to explore the charming rural areas and gain unique impressions of the beautiful scenery.

JAPAN Highlights

Discover stunning impressions

Japan is an incredibly diverse country that offers enormous cultural, historical and scenic variety. This outstanding calendar is a window to an impressive world full of beauty, history and spirituality. The inspiring journey takes you from urban centers such as Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama to historical and traditional sites in Kyoto and the Japanese Alps as well as dreamlike places on Mount Fuji. Each month reveals new facets of this unique country and invites you to immerse yourself in the magic and elegance of Japan.


History and urban idyll

Copenhagen is a charming city with a unique flair. The historic centre is characterised by cobblestone streets, colourful houses and small alleys. Discover monumental palace buildings, majestic squares, picturesque canals and many other highlights in this outstanding calendar with 12 impressive photos.

Fascination VENICE

Gorgeous impressions from Italy

Venice is an enchanting city. Enjoy idyllic waterways with gondolas and see narrow cobblestone streets winding through alleys lined with weathered, rustic buildings. Discover famous sights, places as well as classical nightscapes with this fantastic photography collection.

URBAN ART Amazing Cityscapes

Modern and decorative impressions

Picturesque passages, trendy colour accents, typographic elements and graphic nuances find a unique combination in the fascinating urban images. Explore the collages, multiple exposures and artful shots of the Berlin-based artist. Enjoy this modern and colourful planner with stunning artworks and discover world-famous cities.

Also I attached a PDF document with all available calendars. If you click on a title, all single calendar sheets will appear (internet connection needed).

2025 Calendar International&UK
Calendar-INT&UK.pdf (671.34KB)
2025 Calendar International&UK
Calendar-INT&UK.pdf (671.34KB)


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